Our Story




President and CEO


Jerson has worked with clients big and small from around the world with his product line of exotics organic and superfoods.

Born in "The Pearl of the Andes" Tarma Junin in Peru also known for its clean and fresh air climate and the most stunning views of the world's most beautiful mountains.

 He was ask to work for a Belgian exotic fresh trade company at Fruit Logistica, a world food exhibition in Berlin, Germany. There while working on a project it came to his attention that the most powerful "Maca" a organic superfood was grown in his hometown of Junin in Tarma from relatives that goes back to the Incan times. The impact of the world demanded  this unique treasure and the family history and knowledge of the farmers led to the creation of PeruFresh.

The Company

 PeruFresh is becoming one of the foremost direct grower and exporters of organics, superfoods and exotic treasures from Peru.

From Maca to Avocados to Quinoa to Peruvian Ginger we supply our customers needs with excellence, quality, and innovation is what we strive for.


Climate and soil conditions along the Peruvian soil contribute favorably to the best produce growth. Modern agricultural techniques, as well as irrigation by the drip or aspersion systems used in many of our plantations enable our producers to make optimal use of water and fertilizers.

PeruFresh members receive regular assessments on cultivation, harvest, post-harvest techniques and the application of Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) from a team of local and foreign Agricultural Engineers. Special attention is given to the efficient use of natural resources and protection of the environment.

Our produce division is sourced from Globalgap certified farms and packhouses are HACCP Certified, commodities are SGS certified for quality adherence before delivery.

PeruFresh meets strict international standards for good agricultural practices (GAPs) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Certificates of Conformity follow Global Standards of Food Safety and have been audited by international certifying organizations such as USDA ORGANIC, E.U ORGANIC, JAS (JAPAN) EUREPGAP, GLOBALGAP, CMI and HACCP.

Register with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, in accordance with the Bioterrorism Act of 2002, as well as alert the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection to the arrival of each fruit shipment in preparation for inspection.

As a result of this strict vetting process, PeruFresh has well-established relationships with leaders in each growing area-professionals who have proven they can produce a first-rate product and who are relentless in their search for the safest production and packing practices.

PeruFresh maintains continuous contact with on-site field inspectors to ensure that health, safety and environmental standards are met. Prior to export, all fruit is subjected to rigorous quality control inspections. upon arrival in the U.S., all containers, seals and hatches are opened, inspected and discharged under USDA supervision.

We are very proud to have presence in Europe, US, and Far East countries. We envision a high growth phase in the coming years having position ourselves as a prominent exporter in the peruvian sector.

The company is led by a young, qualify and enlightened management and actively interacts and contributes to the Peruvian discourse on the food sector by contributing to trade and government bodies. We acknowledge the hard work put in by our compatriots in the industry and the government to get the Peruvian food industry where it is today.